U.S. Naval Academy

Cook/Chill Facility.

Since the galley is in operation in some capacity 12 months of the year, design, equipment selection, and phasing played a very large role in this project. Throughout the options design process the design team continued to look at how to keep the midshipmen fed through the construction phase. Phasing of the construction was considered but did not appear to be feasible without major interruption and possible effects on the safety of the food and galley staff. Therefore a full temporary kitchen would need to be constructed and after investigating several locations a full temporary kitchen was designed within a courtyard immediately outside the dining hall.

The design and layout options of the galley consisted of moving the galley to another wing of Bancroft Hall that was still in close proximity to the dining hall, moving the galley to another location on campus while designing a small receiving galley in Bancroft Hall, or renovating the galley in its current location.

The design team also considered several operational options. An in-depth analysis was conducted pertaining to cook/serve vs. cook/chill technology. Ultimately it was decided to incorporate cook/chill technology into the galley design.

Another operational concern was that weekend meals are non-mandatory and the meal count drops from 4,800 per meal period to 2,500 meals per day. Therefore, in order to minimize staffing and other operational costs and provide a different type of meal service, a food court type servery will incorporated into the new galley design.

This is a quality of life upgrade for the midshipmen. The proposed design of the galley will greatly enhance the flow of supplies and food as well as increase the safety, quality, variety, and consistency of the food while reducing the overall labor, utility, maintenance, and food costs.