U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Cook/Chill Production & On-Plate Retherm.

Birchfield Jacobs Foodsystems initially completed a feasibility study incorporating a cost benefit analysis complete with staffing requirements for the Veterans Integrated Service Network 6 (also known as VISN 6) within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to implement Advanced Food Production complete with an Advanced Meal Delivery System.

The study was verified and approved for complete implementation. BJFS was then hired to complete the design and construction administration to incorporate tumble chill centralized production at the Hampton VAMC and blast chill production along with on-plate retherm in all 8 of the medical centers within the VISN.

The existing production area at the Hampton VAMC was renovated to incorporate 2-100 gallon tilting horizontal agitators, a 200 gallon tumble chiller and 1,000 pound cook tank.