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Our commitment to clients is to maximize their return on investment of time and money. We achieve this by garnering the teams’ collective experience, applying a proven process, and managing communication to promote creativity and accuracy. Each solution is developed to create value and flexibility throughout the life of the project.

John and Bob are contributing authors to, Design and Layout of Foodservice Facilities, Third Edition, which provides a comprehensive reference for every step of the process, from getting the initial concept right through completion.
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John Birchfield, FCSI


John Birchfield is one of the lead designers and a principal of Birchfield Jacobs Foodsystems. Coming up on 30 years with the firm, he has held every technical and consulting position within the firm. He takes a hands-on approach to all assignments and has been instrumental in the firm’s attention to detail. Under his leadership, the firm has collected numerous design awards. His skill and leadership in the industry was recognized in 1996 when he was awarded The Young Lions Award. This award is given by Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Specialists Magazine for “..pros who personify what’s best in the rising generation of leadership: integrity, energy, imagination, and enthusiasm.”

Mr. Birchfield’s experience includes work on a wide range of projects. He was the senior designer for The Great Lakes Training Center, the largest single dining hall in the United States, and possibly the world. He has penned a number of sophisticated campus master plans including a master plan for Yale University. These plans encompass understanding an entire foodservice department and can include warehouse studies, distribution analysis, market research, concept development, demand analysis, and market penetration studies. These projects usually include a facilities analysis. This experience benefits the firm’s design client as he quickly understands how the building fits into the overall environment and can assist the client in making project decisions that are appropriate to the need.

Past clients include Virginia Tech University and Boston College, both for which the firm was awarded major design awards. Mr. Birchfield was the lead designer and project manager for college and university clients such as Pennsylvania College of Technology, Yale University (2 projects), Princeton University, and the University of Pennsylvania. His cross industry experience includes work for clients such as The General Accounting Office, The Church Home and Hospital, The Old Executive Office Building, and prototype development for several fast-food and family-service restaurant chains.

Mr. Birchfield’s leadership has been recognized with an appointment to the National Association of College and University Foodservices Industry Liaison Committee. He is a Professional member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International.

Robert Jacobs, FCSI


Robert Jacobs is a lead designer and principal of Birchfield Jacobs Foodsystems. He has been a foodservice consultant for almost 30 years and has been involved in every aspect of facility analysis and design. Mr. Jacobs has extensive experience in all sizes of projects, from small churches to large central food production facilities. In addition to his designing ability, he is most valuable for his detailed, exacting knowledge of equipment, its installation, and its uses. Mr. Jacobs provides value to the firm’s clients through his thorough knowledge of labor saving equipment technologies. Mr. Jacobs is recognized as one of the leading experts in processing and packaging equipment. This benefits retail design clients, as he is able to apply these technologies to various menu concepts. With several minor back-of house modifications, the labor can be reduced while expanding menu options.

Mr. Jacobs has developed numerous, sophisticated feasibility studies, operational analysis, and master plans. His broad range of experience includes all aspects of advanced food production, consulting, and systems design. Mr. Jacobs’ experience in the development of feasibility studies through design and training give him a unique ability to address specific component parts in an extremely complex system.

Mr. Jacobs has been especially known for his expertise in understanding and designing cook/chill systems and advanced food production facilities. He has been involved in over 50 centralized food production projects in his career and clients have sought him out worldwide for his unequalled understanding of centralized food production. As equipment has become better suited for small applications, this expertise allows all of our clients to benefit from the product consistency, labor efficiency, and high sanitation standards that these technologies bring.

Mr. Jacobs’ clients have come from all over the United States and internationally, including Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, and The Virgin Islands. Mr. Jacobs has also been a noted speaker and author on several concepts pertaining to cook/chill, advanced food technology along with other subject matter.

He is a Professional member of Foodservice Consultants Society International and sponsors a fundraiser for this group each year to promote the education of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution students by attending foodservice conferences.