Bibb County School District

Central Kitchen and Career Center.

Birchfield Jacobs Foodsystems designed a newly constructed 25,000 square foot cook/chill Central Production Unit. This project received the 2003 American School Food Service Association Innovation and Technology Award. The CPU includes a cook/chill system for this 30,000-pupil school district complete with tumble chill, blast chill, packaging for chilled bulk entrees. Individual servings using products produced in the central kitchen and/or purchased prepared are packaged to obtain the most economical cost while maintaining acceptable quality. This facility includes a sizable bakery.

Attached to the CPU is a newly constructed Career Center, which includes a test kitchen for the CPU as well as the production kitchen for the Career Center. The Career Center also includes a training kitchen and classroom for the students.

The design contract also included the design of several elementary schools, as well as a combination kitchen with separate serving and dining spaces for 2 newly constructed middle school/high school combinations.